What is Gratitude?

Gratitude is the quality of being thankful, readiness to show application for, and to return kindness it is like building relationships. A relationship builds on emotions. Gratitude, rhymes with attitude, it is derived from the Latin word gratus. Which means “thankful, pleasing. When we feel gratitude, we are someone who did form us. We also pleased with the results. Unlike indebtedness, you’re not anxious about having to pay it back. Gratitude helps us to feel more positive emotions, improve health conditions, and give mental peace. We can express gratitude in multiple ways. However, Gratitude is a powerful emotion, which can make our life better in many ways. It also helps us overcome stress.

For example,

Suppose you got some stuff to say some stationary for your child. Your child comes and took it without even a smile and said that’s our duty and I am entitled to it as I am your son. How would you feel? U will still bring him all those things needed for him, but just as a duty. On the other hand now instead of this, when the child sees you got something for him,  and he is extremely happy, joyful seeing that. Now in this situation how will you feel? It’s like now you have a relationship with your child which is full of happiness, joy, love, care.  Before the case, it was just a duty.

Free Will to Practice Gratitude


The same is here. We get things based on our karma true. But when we show gratitude for the things which we have in life it’s like we are building a beautiful relationship with mother earth, with nature, with Divine. Our present life is not completely dependent on past karma. Past karma is only one factor. Another important factor is free will. We cannot do much about the karma of the past. But we can use free will to face the karma of past life and create a beautiful future. Gratitude falls under free will.

When we are grateful in life, below are the benefits we gain

1. Our thoughts and emotions transform from negative into positive. When we embrace the attitude of gratitude, it becomes challenging to judge other people, to look down on anyone, to gossip about others, to be guilty, to have grudges towards others. We become better human beings and the negative karma we generate in life reduces.

2. With gratitude as our companion,  forgiveness becomes easy. Many diseases in life are due to the inability to forgive themselves or others. With gratitude, we can move beyond this and live a healthy, happy life.

3. Gratitude is positive karma we are sowing now whose positive fruits we will reap in the future.  By the law of karma, the gratitude we express multiplies and comes back to us in the form of more blessings. It comes to us in the form of people and situations which evoke more strength in us.

4. We attract people and situations in our life based on our thoughts and emotions.  When we are constantly radiating gratitude- which is a positive emotion, above all we attract positive people and situations in life.

5. Gratitude brings inner peace and satisfaction in life.

6. It gives us the inner strength to walk through difficult situations in life.

7. We all have wishes in life. These wishes are positive aspects of life. Positive emotions and thoughts attract positive aspects of life. Therefore, practicing gratitude helps in wish-fulfilling.

8. Our relationships undergo a beautiful transformation. Marriages become more harmonious. Similarly, friendships last longer.

9. If you are a pregnant lady and are practicing gratitude, however, your child learns it by birth and becomes a beautiful person in life.

10. Gratitude helps us give our best in life. When we are grateful for our job, we give the best to our job. In addition, when we are grateful for our relationships, we give our best. This attitude of giving the best brings us more successful in life.

How do you start a gratitude practice?

The simple way to practice gratitude

1. Start writing a note on a daily basis.

2. Whenever we write our mind record it. You can write what you are grateful for.

3. Appreciate someone and info them how much you love

4. Observe the beauty of our nature

5. Avoid negative thoughts

6. Avoid negative articles videos and movies

7. Avoid gossip or avoid talking negatively about others

8. Compliment your friends and relatives whenever they look good.

9. Compliment whenever you eat good food

10. Whenever we face a negative situation, let’s try to see the positive side of the situation

11. Cook food with love and think well about the people whom you’re going to serve. However, I chant the mantra while cooking.

12. Always say thank you for the little things your loved ones do for you.

13. Mediate with a gratitude list, giving thank you to all happy moments in your life.

14. Whenever you learn something new say thank you.

15. Never forget your friends, relatives and other people who helped you in your bad situation.

16. Show your love to your parents, sisters, brothers, cousins, and grandparents

17. Help people who need your help.

18. Maintain a diary to make note of all blessings.

19. Practice gratitude every day also share with family members.

20. Sending love to our enemies and people we dislike.

21. Living with a positive thought and not worrying about the past or future.

22. Posting quotes wishes about gratitude on social media will help you to show it towards your friends on social media.

23. You can hang posters or cards on gratitude in your workplace or home.

24. Show your love to your mom, by saying I love you, mom. In the same way, you can express love to your father, sister, and brother.

Practice gratitude regularly



In Conclusion, making gratitude, a part of our day to day’s life will help us to be happy and positive. To make our world a better place we need to practice more regularly. Let’s try from today to practice. Make a list of five blessings in your life you are grateful for every morning. Show your gratitude for your home, food, job, clothes, etc You could be thankful to Sun. water, trees, birds.
In addition, you could be grateful for your senses: your eyes that see, your ears that hear, your mouth that tastes, your nose that smells, and your skin that enables you to feel. Be grateful for the legs you walk on, your hands that you use to do almost everything.

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  1. What do you feel when you show gratitude to others?
  2. when someone says thank you for little things done by you, what are your expression?
  3. How do you feel when someone Appreciates you?


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