Akashic Record Reading

Akashic Record Reading

Akashic  Records Do you believe in your past-life in another dimension? Do you ever think that your current life struggle is a trail of your past-life? The Akashic record reading concerns all these issues and comes with healing and cleaning solutions of the soul.

This  might be a new term for you. However,  impact of the reading may surprise you. Above all it  opens up the books of your past-life that show you the past spirits’ karmic trail.

Let me explain to you what Akashic record reading is?

The Akashic Records contain everything that every soul has ever thought, said, and done over the course of its existence—as well as all its future possibilities. This valuable information can help you with any aspect of your life journey. And because the Records are also a dimension of consciousness, they are available anytime and everywhere.”?

—Linda Howe

Linda Howe was the pioneer in this astrological supernatural phenomenon. Through the Akashic record, the practitioner, with the sufferer’s consent, opens the soul of his/her past life. The record shows the life journey, including karmic circle, activities, emotional aspects and, clear all the obstacles that bring trouble in his/her existing life.

The cleaning process can take time, but the results would give a positive outcome. As soon as the negative aspects get cleaned up, the existing life becomes a pleasant journey.

A brief history of Akashic Record reading

Linda Howe, the Founder & Chairman of The Center for Akashic Studies, encourages the Akashic record practice among her students. When she realized the power of soul analysis from the past dimension, she got the answers of dwindling present life. From her perspective, the Akashic record practitioner opens up the chapters of another dimension’s life. The study helped her to realize the worth of life closely.

Therefore, during her research, she observed every soul has a past-life connection with the existing situation. She concluded that if Akashic record healer heals and cleanses the past trail of negatives, sins, and offense, the present could be pleasant and joyful.

Hence, the Akashic record healer became popular in the field of astrology. A handful of astrologers started their hands on this pathway. It is my privilege to be a member of this club.

Since I started studying and practicing the Akashic record, I have healed more than 100 clients. It’s a thoughtful astrological journey to get into the past-life of the soul.

The way the Akashic record works, indulge you in having a session with me. Want to know more?

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Akashic record reading is helpful for every stage. Despite professional and personal backgrounds, they get benefits out of the record reading. Below are some points that clarify the hidden treasure in the form of reading.

If you are wondering what you can find therefore  reading is recommended. You will find the most interesting things from this reading- both about your past lives and this life.

The study is an ocean of knowledge. Above all I recommend my clients to have a sitting with me to explore your  hidden possibilities through the beautiful tool.

In conclusion, book a session with me to remove all the negative aspects of your previous birth that affect your present growth!

Enjoy the blessings of life with an gratitude.