A ray of hope saves million

A ray of hope saves million


What is a Ray of  Hope

A ray of hope is like the anticipation that the struggle faces the challenges instead of runaway.  A ray of hope always saves our life when we cant find any solutions.  One can find a ray of hope in every challenging situation. The word hope drives you to some extent that even in the most crisis period in our life, we never lose the grip. In addition, life itself preaches us how to manage the complexity with the hands of hope. When shortcomings and obstacles are the inseparable courses of life, only hope soothes us and strengthens our inner voice. Where hope is there, miracles often leave their mark.

Hope plays a vital role when we surrounded by a lot of problems. When we have Hope we feel the positive energy around us. When things go beyond our control, a ray of hope helps us to keep moving forward. It plays a vital role to keep ourselves positive and find out the solution to improve the situation. Our life is full of ups and downs we do not know what will happen next.

lots of pain and suffering 

Our lives is surrounded by lots of pain and suffering. Some people experience more of these regrettable symptoms of the human condition than others. We can overcome the situation with HOPE in our minds. Where there is hope life looks easy to win the battle. Hope is like a sun in day time and a moon at night.

We can’t imagine our life without hope. It is the essence of everyone’s life. Hope motivates us to continue our journey towards finding the light.

Hope gives us the energy to move forward through many obstacles that are blocking our journey or reaching our goal. It removes the negative thought of fear and makes reduce stress and makes life a quality life, full of positive thoughts. Like where there is will there is a way, similarly, where there is hope there is healing.

“Once you choose hope anything’s possible.” ~ Christopher Reeve

Hope is always available to us. When we feel defeated, we need only take a deep breath and say, “Yes,” and hope will reappear.” ~ Monroe Forester

Let’s read a short story that helps to understand better above two quotes

A perfect story

There’s a village somewhere in India. Among all the villagers, one family is there with four members. They were a happy family with dad, mom, and two beautiful kids. But the dark shadow cast upon them and the mother passed away. The younger member was so tiny that his dad thought of second marriage can save the life of the tot.

But the second marriage proves to be a deadly one as the lady was not intended to look after the kids. She played the evil cards and in the name of extra income, she took away their father to another city, left them behind in the village.

The small pretty kids stay back their home and showing hope that their parents will return shortly. Days were passing by, but they won’t return. The two tots were all alone staying in the home, starving for food, and praying to god to send their parents back. Meanwhile, in the city, their parent welcomes a new baby. Their dad wants to meet his kids but his wife won’t allow him to return to the village. Every time she created some sort of an excuse to hold him back.

After 2 years their father decided that this time I will go and meet my kids. He managed his evil wife and altogether they came to their village. When they knocked on the door, the elder kid opened it. They felt excited to see them but could not resist themselves. Due to starvation prolong period they died in front of their parents.

Concluded fact

The story brings tears rolling out every compassionate heart who has feelings. On the other hand, we can sum up that a ray of hope makes the two beautiful kids alive despite starvation. Their hope was there that one day Almighty will hear us and send our parents to us. The hope was so powerful that it won’t let them die.

Hope is in reality ground

The miracle is that in our lives, we too have hope. But the thing is sometimes we forgot to close our eyes and listen to our inner voice whispering into our ears that everything will fine one day. Of course, the two kids were innocent and trust their intuition that one day their prayer will be heard. Besides, we too can be innocent and build up our belief system to run the other system emphatically.

Indeed, hope is an extensive teacher who teaches us how to be endurance and wait for the right time. It gives us the serenity to be calm while our struggle with the outer world plays havoc in our lives. On the other hand, courage drives us to face the challenges and leads to a path that is more exciting and exuberant.

While we keep the hope inside us, we are receiving the blessings of the cosmic energy. Because the ray of hope nourishes our inner voice and solicit us the complete surrender through your prayer to the supreme power.

In the end

Destiny plans everything for us. Similarly, we must be showing the efforts to get our proportion with appropriate measures. When we pray, we hope, we just claim our portion from the divinity. For that, we should keep praying to expand the amount of hope that one fine day our prayers would be heard. Entreating with selfless efforts, we can shape up our lives with the ray of hope.

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  1. Heart warming story and well said that one hope can keep a person alive despite of whatever the circumstances.

    Thank you angel for sharing us such a beautiful story.

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