Frequently Asked Questions


Does Tarot card reading help in a professional career?

Yes, Tarot cards have different deviations. The meaningful cards will show you the upcoming fortune. The reading will alert you whether you're making the right or wrong decision.

Does Numerology add value in life?

Yes. Numerology is proven science. The mathematical numbers you're associated with have the power to make you fortunate financially.

How does Numerology help in name spelling and vibration correction?

Your name spelling, Numerology calculates the lucky numbers that are compatible with you, bring you fortune and prosperity.

Do you provide remedies?

Yes, I provide remedies based on the issue.

What is the Akashic record?

Akashic Records are the books of all your past lives...It is study of your first life till now; All lives are recorded in these book of Akashic.

Can Akashic record heal and clean the present life issues?

Yes, Akashic record heals and clean the present life issues